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Om Suastiastu. 
I'm Gede.
Welcome to my beautiful home.

Hello my name is Gede Suyasa, a local of the island of Bali . 
I was born and raised on this beautiful island, and I hope that you come to enjoy it as well. I have worked for several local tour companies and know the island like the back of my hand! 
I can help you make your balinese dream vacation come true since I know about all the activities which include: hiking, mountain bicycling, scooter tours, snorkeling, diving, surfing, horse back rides on the beach, rafting, paragliding, and many more activities. 

I am a true Balinese man that lives by the Hindu way! 

There are three principles that we live by: 

1. To have good relations with other human beings 
2. To have good relations with god. 
3. To have good relations with the environment that we live in. 

I hope that I can help you attain this during your visit. 

Who I’d like to meet: I would like to meet any potential visitors to Bali! 
I can provide you with an in depth quote and activity itinerary. 
Just send me your flight schedule and I can pick you up at the airport and give you the 5-star treatment that you deserve!