With so much to see and do in Bali, where do you start? You start right here.

With all my years of working in Bali as a driver, and now as the owner of a dedicated and highly-trained team of drivers and guides, I have a few ideas of the places and activities that we can take you to.

The great outdoors in Bali

The Outdoors

Let us take you to gorgeous beaches. Choose from the popular beaches you know - or let us take you away from it all!

Hiking in the mountains of Bali


Bali is known first and foremost for it's stunning natural landscapes. From towering mountains, to waterfalls and more.

Snorkling in Bali

Water Activities

We can connect you with trusted and recommended dive and snorkeling partners who will show your our underwater wonders.


Immerse yourself in thousands of years of our history... or immerse yourself right in to the joy of living itself!

With thousands of years of tradition and culture on this little island in the sun, Bali enjoys a rich and unique experience of spirituality and a different pace of life. And the good news is that we offer something for every pace of life! From reflective moments to adrenaline-pumping action just around the corner.

Gates to a Hindu temple in Bali


Our ancient Hindu heritage is all around us. Our temples are special places and we love to share them with visitors.

Processing of Hindu women in Bali


From sacred sites to flower markets, arts, crafts and behind-the-scenes looks at our way of life. Let us show you how we live.

Parasailing in Bali


The action adventure traveller can enjoy ATV quad rides, skydiving, parasailing, surfing and more. Just ask us!